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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Baby Magic Review

Baby Magic’s history of providing gentle, effective, and no-nonsense products has made it a trusted brand for generations. Since 1951, the Baby Magic brand has been dedicated to the care and well-being of both parent and baby. We understand that the gentle touching and caressing that occurs during bath time serves not only to clean baby, but to establish a bond between parent and child. Continue to enhance and nurture this bond with Baby Magic as it replenishes moisture and provides a delicate, soft touch and clean scent – leaving baby smelling wonderful – as a baby should. Baby Magic can be found in retailers across the U.S., as well as in select online retailers.

I received the Calming Lavender Bubble Bath   and the Calming Baby Lotion to review in exchange for my honest opinion.

My Review

I use aromatherapy with my boys quite a bit. They are both ADHD and my 8 year old is Aspergers. Lavender is a big one we use for calming and relaxation at night for them. They both have sensitive skin so I have to be careful what and how I use stuff for them. I was so happy to get these Baby Magic products with the calming lavender. I have used Baby Magic for them since they were born and I trust the brand and the products. We have a very set night time routine and the bubble bath and lotion add in some extra calming for them. They like the smell and don't have any problems with either product on their skin. The bubble bath produces a lot of bubbles which they love lol. The lotion leaves their skin soft and they smell good, for awhile anyways lol. I give these a 5/5 and I tell all my friends with kids that they need to use the Baby Magic brand!


  1. Ibuy this alot for friends during baby showers!!!!

  2. I've never used Baby Magic products on my children before, but after reading your review, I will have to go try some. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Baby Magic is one of those companies that has staying power! Thanks for sharing your experience!

  4. Where can I find the bubble bath, I have used baby magic on all 3 of my children ( 19yr old, 8 yr old and now a new born ) and this product is as good now as it was 19 years ago...I do have a hard time finding the lotion also...