Wraptastic Review

The WRAPTASTIC dispenser makes it so easy to store leftovers and wrap foods. By eliminating the hassle of normal rolls in their flimsy cardboard containers, the WRAPTASTIC dispenser works with any brand and standard size wax paper, plastic wrap, aluminum foil and more. The stainless steel cutting blade is recessed and hidden to protect fingers, and the rubber feet on the bottom will steadily hold the WRAPTASTIC in place on counters and tabletops. The WRAPTASTIC dispenser will even fit inside most kitchen drawers.
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My Review

We use foil and plastic wrap constantly. At least several times a week. To cook, to store and to grill with. I never ever have lids to my plastic bowls and containers lol. So when we use the plastic wrap and foil it’s always a pain. The plastic wrap folds back on itself and doesn’t stretch out right, the foil gets wrinkled and doesn’t tear straight. I was approached to do a review of the Wraptastic and I was excited to get it and try it. This thing is so cool. You just pop the plastic or foil wrap into the Wraptastic and you get an even cut piece every time. The blade is hidden and protected so no paper or metal cuts on your hand. It has rubber on the feet so when you go to pull out the wrap it stays put and doesn’t go flying across the counter. My husband loves it and now wants another one so he has one each for foil and plastic wrap lol. I definitely recommend this product!

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