Brushlab Orange Ceramic Thermal Jumbo Hair Brush Review and Giveaway

Our team of beauty professionals and enthusiasts are truly dedicated to staying ahead of the curve, by striving to provide some of the finest hair and cosmetic products in the world, with a large dose of exceptional service. We carefully review and make available a wide variety of salon professional brushes and beauty tools with your specific styling needs in mind. When you have asked us to provide a brush that curls and straightens like no other, we found Brushlab. When you wanted “organic”, we got you Tela. Trust us, we know how difficult it can be to find styling tools that you LOVE, but we’ll do our best to romance your hair!

I received the Brushlab Orange Ceramic Thermal Jumbo Hair Brush to review in exchange for my honest review

 photo 71f86d75-3475-4167-b5da-61f7a9fd32d6_zpsdef6b6b4.jpg

My Review
 photo 35d6036b-687d-4753-9997-33548740085f_zpsfd52f722.jpg
 photo 711e5d39-0eff-45a0-a624-5b84664d7843_zpse2464ce8.jpg

I love this brush. My hair can be a huge hassle and I have to fuss with it all the time to get it to look nice. This brush is a great addition to my hair care box lol. It brushes my hair smooth and helps dry it faster whether I use the hair dryer or not. The brush is light and the handle is comfortable to hold. My hair is a bit wavy and this brush helps with straightening when I want it straight. The bristles are sturdy and go right through my very thick and wavy hair with no problems at all. I recommend this brush to anyone even if you don’t have very long hair. It’s a great product!

I’m having a 3 day FLASH GIVEAWAY for this brush!

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