Hubert’s Lemonade Review

I was able to pick 2 flavors for my son to try in exchange for our honest opinion
 photo 1f1b2818-82de-4de1-b956-c762d1c4cbec_zps1744d359.jpg
My 7 year old has a lemonade obsession. No one else in the house really drinks much of it, but he will pick lemonade over just about any other drink. I had never heard of Hubert’s Lemonade but when I came across it I knew I had to let him try it lol. He picked strawberry lemonade and cherry limeade. He could not wait to try these when they came. He loved the strawberry flavor the most. He liked the cherry limeade but actually said it was a bit too sour (tart), which is surprising for him lol. He loved the lemon faces on the bottle, and I thought they were kind of cute too. You can get the lemonade at some natural foods stores and some of the bigger grocery stores that carry natural products. This is definitely a product I will buy for him. 5/5!

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