Barts Cookies Review

Every time I make a batch of my world famous chocolate chip cookies, I aim to make the best tasting chocolate chip cookie you’ve ever had in your entire life. Period.

 photo 004-22_zps03790fb0.jpg
We got the Milk Chocolate Chip and the Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate Chip to review in exchange for our honest opinion


A cookie is not just a cookie. There are cookies and then there are COOKIES lol. Barts Cookies definitely fall under the COOKIE category! I had to take pictures very quickly because as soon as I opened the box I got pounced on lol. These cookies are so freaking good it’s ridiculous. There are tons of chocolate chips in each little cookie. These cookies are little round pieces of heaven. My kids and husband loved them too. My husband took some to work and came home with none lol. Everyone wanted to try them. I would tell everyone to get some Barts Cookies!

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