Undee Bands/toptrenz.com Review and Giveaway

We are on top of the latest trends and are the proud creators of the exciting UNDEE BANDZ tie dye line of all categories of bags, fashion accessories, hair accessories and clothing line!

I got a Sling Bag, a Purse, a pair of Slippers and a set of Stretcheez Bracelet/Ponytail Holders to review in exchange for my honest opinion

My Review

I’m an 80’s child. I always have and always will love Tie Dye. I came across Undee Bandz and I could barely contain my excitement. They have tie dye EVERYTHING! They sent me a purse, sling bag, slippers and ponytail holders to review in exchange for my honest opinion. I loved the colors! And the extra touch of the little crystals was great. I think I should have been a hippie lol. I’m a very laid back person, love tie dye, comfortable clothes and yadda yadda lol. The purse and the sling bag were really strong material, I think they will hold up really well. The slippers were too small for my big clunkers, so I gave them to my best friends daughter, who was over the moon for them. She hasn’t taken them off lol. The ponytail holders were great too, they were bright colors and also had little crystals on them. They worked great even on my thick hair. I loved all these products and want to order more from them! 5/5!

You can check out their stuff here!

  1. I have just died and gone to Tie Dye HEAVEN! lol

    I have always – and by always, I mean since I was in the womb – LOVED tie dye. This is the perfect place for me to buy all my td stuff. 😉

    If I won, I would buy almost everything. lol Since I can't buy everything, I would pick one of the following….

    Mood watch with charms
    A Charmingz Bracelet
    Stretcheez Headband
    Sling Bag or Messenger Bag
    Mini Monkey Backpack
    Fleece Blanket
    Tote Bag or Duffle Bag


  2. How cool!!! Not only do I like Tie Dye and peace stuff, so do my two granddaughters. A few of the things that I like are:

    Tie Dye Fleece Blanket with peace crystal applique

    Mood Changing Tie Dye Peace

    Tie dye Tote Bag Version 2

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