Entertain Like A Texas Gentleman Cookbook

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Entertain Like a Gentleman presents over 75 original recipes developed over Harap’s years of experience cooking, entertaining, and teaching cooking classes in the Austin, Texas area. Part cookbook, part how-to guide, Entertain Like a gentleman is organized into 16 chapters cover all types of gatherings, from Super Bowl parties to Scotch tastings, intimate dinner parties to breakfast in bed. The impressive yet easy-to-prepare recipes use common ingredients and are interspersed with practical tips to help the host keep the festivities on track.

My Review

I should actually say my husbands review. He’s been the one mainly cooking lately and he’s gotten a bite from the cookbook bug lol. He really likes this cookbook. The recipes are laid out very nicely and everything is easy to understand. There’s some fancier recipes but there’s also some easy just family time recipes like chili, mac and cheese and fish sticks. He has several recipes bookmarked that he wants to try. He’s really happy with this cookbook, it will go into his collection for sure 🙂

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