Build A Bear Review

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Build-A-Bear Workshop® has a new collection of furry friends this Valentine’s Day, available in stores and online at®. Guests can visit Build-A-Bear Workshop® through February 14 for Bear-uary™ – a celebration stuffed with love, hugs and friendship! Starting January 4, fall in love with Hugs-A-Plenty Puppy ($16); this special pooch is covered in hearts from head to paw. Also arriving is make-your-own LOVE Hello Kitty ($23), with red and white heart-print bow and feet, she makes the perfect Valentine. Personalize these sweet friends with clothing and accessories to make the perfect gift.

*Outfits and accessories sold separately, while quantities last

My Review

I may be in my 30’s but I still love certain characters and stuffies. Hello Kitty has been a favorite since I was a little girl. I don’t think there’s such a thing as too old for Hello Kitty. I also love Build A Bear. Getting to create a stuffed animal and pick the design and clothing and accessories, something else that you never get too old for in my book lol. The combination of Build A Bear and Hello Kitty put me over the moon 🙂 As I said above I still love stuffed animals. The Hello Kitty is really nice quality, perfectly stitched together and stuffed perfect also. I love the accessories that came with her. The dress, shoes and purse are super cute and I love the glitter on the shoes and the sequins on the purse. My boys were so excited when they saw the Build A Bear box and got so mad when they saw it was Hello Kitty LOL. I love my Build A Bear. This would make a great Valentines Day gift for the girl in your life!

  1. I love Build a Bear. I took my son to a store and he loved making himself a teddy bear and being able to put the stuffing and the little heart inside. He picked out an army green winter jacket for his and he just thought that was the coolest ever!

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