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Friday, December 7, 2012

Unbound Blessings Crayons

Unbounded Blessings sells molded crayons, play dough and other fun goodies for kids!

Here's a few sets that she has for sale right now...

Totally Tools

Mini Robots

She has many other designs and shapes
You can look at her Facebook Shop

She also does individual crayons for as low as $.50 each

Right now she's featuring this Rasta Monkey to support the

The Cash Hyde Foundation’s mission is to fight cancer with smiles, prayers, positive energy and provide information and financial support for children with cancer and their families.

She ships USPS so if you want an order by Christmas you need to hurry up and order by the 15th!


  1. Awww how cute are those crayons I have to buy Amelia some of those,she loves to color & draw

  2. I had a robot part in March for my 3 year old- it was tough finding such specialized items! These are GREAT!! And I'll remember this next time I need something like that!

  3. love these crayons, and I know Ana would love them too :)

    Zoe Lee
    Everything For Ana

  4. Those are adorable! I think they would make great gifts for the little ones!

  5. Those are so cute. What a great idea! :)

  6. Those are so cute!!!! Almost make me wish I had younger kids.

  7. Thanks for your wonderful post, Jen! If anyone wants to order, I am still taking Christmas orders! :)

  8. very cool idea!! I love the molded tools, so cute!!