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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Strawlution Review

The Straw-lution Straw is a unique and problem solving concept in food and beverage consumption. The patent pending design from J.P.W Endeavors, LLC, offers a convenience no other product does. Every day, the uniquely designed Straw-lution Straw makes life easier for parents, caregivers, active adults, and consumers of all ages. The best part is that not only can the Straw-lution Straw be used with traditional beverage containers, but it also opens up an entirely new concept for snacks on-the-go, free from spoons and mess.

BPA Free
Made in The USA
Dishwasher Safe
Re-use or Toss
Choose From Four Colors
* Blue
* Yellow


I got a pack of Straw-lutions to try in exchange for my honest review

My Review

The Straw-lution is a really cool product if you have messy kids like mine lol. These are so neat and so easy to use. We've used them in juice pouches, yogurt and regular fast food cups. By far the favorite is using them in yogurt as you can see from the picture of my 5 year old lol. It never fails when I give them yogurt with spoons it ends up getting everywhere and on everything lol. The Straw-lutions make it so clean and easy :) These rinse easily too and can be re used several times over. My husband is thrilled with these because they will save the upholstery in his car too! These are a great product and I've been telling and will continue to tell all my friends with kids about them! 5/5!


  1. Wow i know those are for children but my 13 years old could seriously use one thanks for the review