Squaredy Cats Review

Every Squaredy Cat has its own theme and plays off the phrase “scaredy cat,” but because these cats are square-shaped, they’re called Squaredy Cats. The fun and whimsical Squaredy Cats characters are each embroidered with their own personal statement of self-expression.

Midnight™ • not squared of the DARK
My Review

Squaredy Cats are adorable little stuffed, square cats that each represent a different fear. They are soft and brightly colored. Their tails are super soft also. Any little girl, or even boy, who loves cats and loves stuffed animals would love these. They would make a great Christmas or birthday present. There’s a whole collection of unique cats to choose from. 5/5 from me 🙂

You can find an iPhone app and stickers on their website also!

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