Kidz Gear Headphones Review

Kidz Gear – #1 selling brand of Headphones for Kids. Kidz Gear has been focused since 2002 on developing products that are made with, function like and last as long as adult products but are specifically designed with children in mind.

Our Review
My 7 year old is almost as tech savy as me. He loves his electronics. He has a PSP, a PS2, a Leapster and he plays on our computers and my mom’s all the time. He also LOVES music. I however don’t always like having to hear what he’s listening to lol. We’ve tried several different kinds of earphones for him but something is always wrong with them according to him. I think we have finally found a pair he loves! He couldn’t wait to open these and try these out. They fit perfectly over his head, and there’s room to adjust them as he grows. I love that these have a volume control, he likes his music loud and I worry about his ears. I even tried these on. They are very comfortable and the sound is nice, sufficient to hear what you want, even a little loudly, but without busting your eardrums. The materials are sturdy and will stand up to little hands pulling on them and adjusting them. These are really great and I’m so happy we got these for him!
Kidz Gear is available on Amazon.comApple Store, Target and several other online retailers.
  1. Yeah i need these for my daughter she loves her technology too but i also dont like always hearing what she is listening to either. Thanks for sharing about these i am always looking for ones that she will like too.

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