Jeff Gold Music Review

California native Jeff Gold is a composer/musician who creates imagery through music; images that are emotional and melodic, restorative and uplifting. He composes soulful relaxing instrumentals which have received the attention of Wellness Centers, Spas and Music Therapists for their tranquil and healing qualities.

Jeff sent me his Escapes album to review in exchange for my honest review

My Review
I am one of those people who doesn’t sleep well at night because my brain just doesn’t seem to stop…ever. This music was so soothing and pretty. I was actually able to fall asleep and I felt like I slept better with this CD. I liked it so much for myself I decided to try it with my ADHD son who simply DOES NOT SLEEP. My younger son also has some sensory integration issues. So I set up their CD player when I laid them down a few nights ago. It was like magic! They settled better than they have in a long time. If I had known it could be so simple I would have bought them relaxation music a long time ago. Even my husband loved this music. We are all now Jeff Gold fans and I can’t wait to listen to more of his music!
  1. I need this!!! It is so hard to settle down after a crazy day with 3 little ones. I toss and turn for at least 1.5 hours before I fall asleep. Something calming to listen to would be great!

  2. I have found that laying with my husband and dog that I fall asleep when they are with me and chat it up with my husband til we get tired. I have music stations on the tv and usually turn into one of my favorite stations of music to play.

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