FarmRich Foods Review

For over 25 years, we’ve been making Farm Rich products with one goal in mind: keep ’em happy. Whether it’s the wholesome ingredients in our products you can feel good about serving your family, or the wide variety of our offerings that appeals to everyone, Farm Rich knows how to keep your family smiling.

We got the mini quesadillas and the italian style meatballs to try

My Review

My boys eat non stop. They are little bottomless pits! So I always have some kind of snack food or another on hand for them to have. And of course it needs to be easy on me too lol. The FarmRich snacks are healthy and soo yummy! My boys and my husband ate all the mini quesadillas in one sitting! We used the meatballs in spaghetti a few nights later and the boys ate every one of them that we gave them. They had a lot of flavor but weren’t too spicy like some tend to be. The quesadillas were also really good, really cheesy, and went fast. These were great for our small family. I like FarmRich and I can’t wait to try more of thier products!

FarmRich will send one of my readers 2 coupons to try their products

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