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Monday, November 26, 2012

Spragwerks Review


Spragwerks is a small, independently-owned and operated company. When you make a Spragwerks purchase, you are supporting local business and environmental sustainability: Any vendors we use are locally-owned and painstakingly selected for their regard to personal and corporate environmental responsibility and excellent work ethic. Spragwerks endeavors to recycle and reuse everything we can (including your packaging!) and keep our carbon footprint as small as possible. So, macabre tastes and wild hearts notwithstanding, our customers are ethical consumers!


Sprag (spragg):
1. To prop, support, or immobilize.
2. A one-way, freewheel clutch used in automatic transmissions, motorcycles, starter motors, and helicopters.

Werks (wurks):
1. Place or establishment for manufacturing.
2. The working parts of a machine.


Every piece is unique and is hand finished in either New York or Los Angeles.  SPRAGWERKS is made to last a more than a lifetime, and they personally back each piece with a lifetime warranty.

My Review

I received a Black Belt Strap and a No-Car buckle to review. The belt strap is oil tanned leather with antiqued nickel snaps. The buckle is a white metal alloy and is cast from a 1950's Ford brake/clutch pedal. My husband is really big into cars, and especially older cars. He grabbed this right away but the belt didn't fit him, but did fit me lol. So for now it's mine. I love this belt and the buckle. It goes with almost anything. I get a lot of compliments and people asking where I got it. Spragwerks also makes pendants, rings, tie tacks and cuffs and money clips. They even make dog and cat tags. Every piece is original and he does custom pieces. So what ever you're looking for Spragwerks has it for you. The quality is amazing and the customer service is great too. If you look at the Press page you will see his pieces have made it into the hands of some pretty big name people and magazines. His style is unique and trend setting. I have a rather large wish list of items I want from him at this point. I'm not really a diamonds kind of girl, I'd rather have a one of a kind item like Spragwerks offers.

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  1. That s such a cool buckle. My daughter asked for a belt for Christmas. I might have to check into this for her. Thank you!!!

  2. Wow i love how it looks thank you for sharing!

  3. How unique! I love high-quality goodies for guys, and mine would love this belt!

  4. These products look so cool. Love supporting local and small business! Very cool thanks.

  5. That's a really neat looking belt. I have needed a new one for a while. I will have to go look at them :)

  6. What a unique Item and very cool. I think I need a new belt!

  7. I like this kind of belt. It's totally my style!

  8. That belt is super cool! What a great gift for men.

  9. That is a wonderful belt, thank you for the post

  10. that is super cool! I'm going to check them out!

  11. How cool! I love that buckle!! This is the first I have heard of them, but I am going to give it a look! Thanks!