We are an industry leader in the manufacture of glass drinking straws. Through our website we are able to sell factory direct to the public, enabling us to provide you with the utmost quality at a reasonable cost. We combine the highest quality, domestically produced raw materials and industry leading production techniques to produce the world’s finest glass drinking straws.


Life Warranty against breakage of any kind
 Thick, Rugged and Durable
 Comfortable to Use
Dishwasher and Microwave Safe
Safe for any temperature drink
 100% non toxic

My Review

Since I’ve been blogging I’ve come accross some really neat new “green” products. This has been an exciting year for me learning about all the different products out there. One of the coolest products I’ve come accross is glass straws. It had never occured to me that a straw could be made out of glass and be safe. Since being introduced to glass straws I have been buying them whenever I can find them. My boys like them and my husband does too. They are so sturdy, if they can survive my boys then anyone can use these with no worries. I love the designs of the straws with the dots and with the reinforced color tips. My boys won’t use plastic straws any more now that these are available. I give these a 5/5 =]

  1. I just thought to myself when I saw the post title the same thing you did: 'glass straws-never heard of them'. My second thought was were they safe-it' sounds like they can withsatand alot. I'm going to have to remember these, I try to get environmentally friendly products whenever I can. (Raine on rafflecopters)

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