Glass with a Twist Review


Our products are uniquely suited to be original and special gifts for your friends or family. Our attention to detail and our design flexibility make us a great resource for creating wonderful, personalized gifts for the special people in your life.
I received the Personal Coffee Mug and the Mommy’s Juice Stemless Wine Glass in exchange for my honest opinion.
My Review

I love my glasses and cups. Wine glasses, juice glasses, coffee mugs, I need different glasses for everything I drink lol. And when they have my name on them I love it even more because then noone can steal them. I was excited to get my two glasses from I got the stemless wine glass and the clear coffee mug. Coffee and wine are my two favorite drinks so what else was I gonna get lol. I really love these glasses I got. They are beautiful! The quality is great, they are nice thick glass that won’t break easily. The etching is also very nice and clear and I love the fonts I got to choose from. I’ve been showing them off to everyone and telling everyone where to get them. My husband wants some shot glasses and a beer mug now. I can’t wait to order more from them!


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