Bad Idea T-Shirts Review


Whether you’re looking for funny t-shirts for a friend or you just want to make sure the world really knows your humorous side, Bad Idea T Shirts has you covered – literally. Our novelty t shirts from movies say it all. No matter what kind of t shirt you’d like, we’ve got the t shirt to fit.

I received the T-Shirt above in exchange for my honest review.

My Review

I got selected to review a random t-shirt from Bad Idea T-Shirts. They picked the shirt and sent it to me. They could not have picked a better shirt for me! LOL I am obsessed with horror movies, and especially zombies lol. So this shirt was PERFECT for me! It’s sized great and it’s very comfortable. It stays true to size even after washing it a few times. I get a lot of comments and compliments about the shirt too. I have several more shirts picked out for a wish list lol I give Bad Idea a 5/5!

Bad Idea T-Shirts is giving away T-Shirts to random fans on their Facebook page! So go like them and maybe you’ll win!
  1. They have some very fun shirts, I checked out the ladies shirts, and I usually don't wear tee shirts with sayings I loved reading them-but I must be under caffinated because I'm a 'crazy cat girl', so when I read the one that said 'If you think I'm pretty you should see my kitty'-I wanted it because I'm a sucker for anything cat. then it hit me what it meant lol-huge Duh moment! Maybe I should just get the shirt and play stupid when I'm asked about it-that might be fun. I want to look around at all of their stuff though because i come from a sarcastic, obnoxious family-I know I'll find some perfect gifts. TY (Raine on the rafflecopters)

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