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Monday, October 15, 2012

Tummy Tuck Belt Review

The Tummy Tuck's unique 10 minute method ignites a fat burning chain reaction, like flipping a switch that sets off a domino effect slimming fat away from your belly long after you've taken off the belt. Each day that you use the Tummy Tuck, you're gradually reducing the fat around your belly.

The Tummy Tuck® Slimming System

The revolutionary Tummy Tuck Belt: Gives you an instant slimming look. Keep your lifestyle with no added exercise and still gradually slim away fat from your belly. Or combine with exercise and see fat reducing results up to 4 times greater than with exercise alone!*

A full 30 day supply of Thermal Accelerator: Simply apply this specially formulated cream to your belly at the start of each 10 minute Tummy Tuck session.

The Tummy Tuck instructional video: Takes you step by step through the 10 Minute Tummy Tuck Method and includes follow along 2 minute standing abdominal Tummy Tightener exercises.

"You Choose How To Use It" guide: Quick start guide to help you maximize your results with the Tummy Tuck Slimming System fast!

My Review

This has to be one of the more difficult reviews I've done. Let me start by saying that I DID see results with this. My issue with this was a ME issue not a product issue lol. I got sick about a week after starting this so I didn't use it for about a week and a half. And I've forgotten to do it a couple days here and there also. Now with all that I say again I did see results. I've had it a total of 30 days or so and I have lost 3 inches around my stomach. If I had been more consistent I would probably see a bigger number there. The Tummy Tuck Belt took a few days to get used to when getting it on and off but after I got the hang of it it was pretty easy.

One thing I feel I should say about this is that it is a compression product. I have some disc problems with my back and could definitely feel it when I used it. You should talk to your doctor first if you have any concerns.

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  1. I have this. I have a hard time remembering to use it. It is kind of difficult to get on and off. I ordered mine online and didnt realize it was an autoship program and they kept sending me the accelorator cream every month. I had to call and cancel it.

  2. What a great idea for easy inch loss.
    Great review and well done on the 3 inch loss.

  3. I was wondering if these things really worked as the wrap thing is very popular right now. Thank you for your review!

  4. Hmmm this might be worth looking into. My middle is my biggest issue. Thanks for the review!

  5. Hmmm this might be worth looking into. My tummy is my problem area and could use some help LOL Thanks for the review.

  6. The one place I was never Flat, lol..always have wondered if these things work...thanks for sharing

  7. Interesting. I was wondering how this would work. I have seen these a lot and I am glad to know this one had some results. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I also saw results with mine, but I had the same problem...I was not consistent enough when I used it. I'm back on track and trying it for another 30 days :)

  9. im convinced now im buying one for my belly and one for my ever growing butt

  10. It sounds good!! use of Belt will definitely reduce the weight .and happy to see you with 3 inch loss