Golden Records Giveaway

Golden Records continues to amaze me with this thrilling children’s Spooky Halloween Hits music Cd. This Spooky Halloween hits has 20 fun songs, stories and even some rhyming.

You can enjoy songs like:

Halloween Macabre 
The Pumpkin Tells 
Trick or Treat 
Witch’s Stew 
Halloween Dance 
Halloween Friends 
The Pumpkin Man and 13 other amazing songs

This will be a sure hit for your halloween party!

We welcome you to enter this giveaway!

5 winners will win a copy of Golden Records Halloween Hits Cd.

Below you can enter through the rafflecopter! Good Luck!

Disclosure of this giveaway located in the rafflecopter.

Have a Spooktacular Halloween!
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  1. Ok this is probably going to give away my age but the outfit I remember the most was- Rainbow Brite! My mom made it then had to work- so my uncle did my hair (sprayed it orange and all) painted the rainbow on my face and everything!

  2. I remember one time when my dad cut up all these old clothes and made me a mummy…. well i cannot even remember what the heck he cut up because it was all white stuff, but i looked awesome!!!!

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