Go Free Pants Review & Giveaway

Go Free® is changing the way women buy pants.  Finally…comfort and beauty come together in a wonderful, healthy, perfectly sensible way!  Why haven’t women’s pants always been made this way?”   Good question!   See the great styles and fabrics on the shop page, as well as a listing of the lovely boutiques that carry Go Free.  Enjoy!


My Review
I am the sweatpants mom lol. I will wear athletic pants or sweatpants all winter long. I dread…absolutely dread…shopping for jeans. If the length is right the waist isnt and I hate that hard middle seam. When I read about Go Free Pants I couldn’t wait to get a pair to try. I picked the 5 pocket jeans in black. These jeans are softer than the jeans I’m used to so that was the first thing I noticed. I used the size chart when I picked out the pair I wanted to try and I was very happy with how true to size they are. They fit so nice and were so comfortable I could wear them all day. They would look great dressed up for an evening out also. I have never, and probably never will, go commndo lol, however there was no noticeable panty line and I really like that. These are really nice quality pants and I’m hoping to get a few more pairs in the near future. 5/5 from me =]

  1. Would have loved to know if they are true to size? What material they are made of? Do they wash up nicely? Any special care instructions? do they offer different types of items?

  2. Dorothy Walters
    I would choose the Tina work casual black. But you don't have plus sizes so these would be for mu sister.

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