Cellnique Review

Cellnique is a skin care brand that combines the effectiveness of medical and pharmaceutical grade beauty ingredients. We offer a full range of professional in-salon and home care products which provide its users the best problematic skin solutions.

 I received the Sensitive Salvation repair & rescue Original Japan Silk Mask, the D’Sensi Calming and Hydrating Creme, and the no spots bye dots blemish cleansing gel to try in exchange for my honest opinion.

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My Review

I never used to worry about my skin. I’d have breakouts and I have really dry sensitive
skin. I figured I was already married so as long as my husband didn’t complain who cares 

lol. It seems the last few months my skin has gotten a lot worse. I’ve been under a lot of  

stress medically and financially. I’ve never heard of Cellnique before I got the chance to 

review for them. I tried the mask first. The first thing I noticed was that it smelled 

really nice, not medicine-ey (is that a word? lol) like other products I’ve used in the 

past. Like I said I have really sensitive skin so I was cautious with the mask. I was 

happy to see that it didn’t irritate my skin and in fact made my face feel really clean 

and fresh after I used it. The calming creme and the bye dots I don’t have a real opinion 

on. I’d like to try the calming creme in a larger size, I have Rosacea and I think that 

might help some. Overall I really liked these products and I would recommend them =]

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