Red Gold Gift Basket Giveaway

Courtesy Red Gold

Company started in 1942
Location: Elwood, Indiana
Brands: Red Gold
             Red Pack
                                                     Tuttorroso canned tomatoe products
                           Sacramento Juices
Gift Basket Giveaway!!!

Red Gold Tomato Products
Red Gold Products

Gift Basket Giveaway!!!

Simple Savings For ATL Moms received a Red Gold gift box that contained great products from Red Gold and they have used their tomato products in everything!  Products were sent directly from the company for their opinions of their product.  If you have never tried them, consider trying their products today.  The  tomatoes come in the can and from her review, when you open the can and place them onto your plate, you can see the freshness of the product!  They pick their tomatoes at the peek of freshness. Some of their products are being given away in a wonderful crafted gift basket with great cooking products including 2 wonderful cans of Red Gold tomato products. Other items included in the gift basket are a red/white apron, red napkins, red measuring cups, timer, candle, spatula, tongs, bowl, oven mitt and crafted in a beautiful red keepsake basket with wonderful decorations! It is a perfect gift for a new chef, someone who enjoys the color red as well as cooking, etc. Giveaway open to U.S. residents!
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Great Recipes from Red Gold!
Cajun Chicken and Rice Dinner {You know I had to pick this one, smiles}
***Red Gold is now available at Publix!
Simple FAQ regarding Red Gold Products
 Products are Kosher Free!
Products do not contain MSG!
Products are generally gluten free!
Learn more about the fruit and veggie challenge from the White House!
14 Simple ways to $ave on Fruits &Vegetables!
1-  Visit large grocery stores like discount grocers to find deals on vegetables/fruit.
2 – Buy larger quantities and consider freezing or canning. You can also cut apples in slices and place in zip lock bags for quick health snacks!
3 – Consider store brands to reduce cost.
4- Check out local deals with farmers.
5 – Use your fruit in more than one meal.  
6 – Barter with your friends who grow their vegetables. 
7- Check the clearance section of stores. 
8- Watch for special deals on vegetables including canned goods.  Be sure to look for low sodium, carbohydrate and fat canned vegetables/fruit.
9 -Create your own sauces.  
10.- Try new vegetables or fruits. 
11.- Buy fruit and vegetables in season.
12. -Avoid fruits or vegetables that are bruised or damaged.
13.- Clean your fruit to prevent any harmful organisms.
14.- Keep the refrigerator temperature set below 40 (F).  
How many vegetables do you eat per day?
How do you save on purchasing your vegetables?
Have you ever tried Red Gold products? If so, did you enjoy them?
Good luck!
Disclosure: I was provided compensation from SSFAM in promotion efforts of their review! The gift basket is made from Simple Savings For ATL Moms blog owner.

  1. I made roast, potatoes, gravy, corn and homemade oatmeal raisin cookies this week……..growing farm boy and hubby to feed. Having our own meat and most of fruits and veggies helps debbie jackson,
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  2. I plan best by making sure I always have back up meals in case something comes up and then I've got everything I need to throw something together without having to run to the store.

  3. This past week I've made a slow cooked pork roast w/ potatoe's and green chiles and I've also made chicken & dumplings and then last night was grilled steak w/ corn on the cob and salad.

  4. I try to plan so that I can buy in bulk and then cook so that ingredients can be used in a couple of different meals. Cooking a couple of things at once saves time in the future 🙂

  5. I save by using a combination of methods! We have our own garden, so we can our extras to use during the cold months. I only shop from the sales on the front page of all of the ads. I buy extra so I always have a stock and only need to buy small ingredients from week to week!

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