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Monday, September 24, 2012

Passion Creek Guest Post

Book Power
By Avery Flynn

Unlike Willie Nelson, my heroes have always been writers. Last summer, I took my daughter to the National Book Fair and stood in line for an hour to meet Katherine Paterson and have her sign our copy of Bridge to Terabithia. I will not lie. I was a billion times more excited than the wee one. I vividly remember curling up in the back corner of my local library and falling into Jess' and Leslie's world. I was in second grade and my father had passed away a year before. The library had become a refuge of sorts for me filled with books that took me away from everything else. I don't know how I ended up with Bridge to Terabithia at that crucial time in my life. You can call it fate, luck or divine providence, I'm just glad it happened. And (spoiler alert) when Jess grieves in an ugly, messy, angry way after Leslie dies, I started to grieve a little bit less for my dad. That book was the best therapy I've ever had. Fast forward a decade (or several decades if you want to be specific), and I’m e-mailing back and forth with Lori Foster. Let me say it again to emphasize how excited I still am about this: LORI FOSTER! She is one of my writing heroes. When I’m writing I want to weave in the suspense with the sexual tension and the romance growing between the hero and the heroine. In some books, like Temptation Creek, there is a long build up. In other cases, like my newest release Passion Creek, the hero and heroine find a physical connection almost immediately. In Sam Layton’s and Josie Winarsky’s story, its a sign of the heart and body understanding how things are going to work out well before the head is willing to admit it. I learned that from reading Lori Fosters awesome books. Every writer out there started out as a reader. We first fell in love not with our own words, but someone else's. Even today all I have to do is crack open a book or click on the iPad and I tumble down the rabbit hole into a fantastic world of make believe. I find love, laughter, thrills, chills and - sometimes - tears in those pages. How awesome is that? 

Passion Creek by Avery Flynn - Blurb

Uptight history professor Sam Layton may have the abs of a movie action hero, but he stopped believing in the joy of adventure a long time ago. However, when a one-night stand with a tattooed bombshell leads to a treasure map for the long-buried Rebecca’s Bounty, the call to action is too strong to ignore. All Las Vegas cocktail waitress Josie Winarsky wants to do is paint. But when she lands smack dab in the middle in a mob plot, she has to push aside her dreams to find a treasure in Dry Creek, Nebraska and save her family from harm. With Sam at her side and a Vegas loan shark on her 
tail, the treasure she finds turn out to be much more valuable than emeralds and rubies. Passion Creek by Avery Flynn available Aug. 31.

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About Avery Flynn

Avery Flynn has three slightly-wild children, loves a hockey-addicted husband and is desperately hoping someone invents the coffee IV drip. Evernight Publishing released the first two books in her Layton Family series, Temptation Creek and Seduction Creek. The third book in the series, Passion Creek, is scheduled for release on Aug. 31.
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