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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kids Email Review and Giveaway is a safe email service for kids and families. Your kids can now have a safe email account while allowing parents to be aware of any correspondence their children send and receive.

You supervise your children when they go outside to play. Do you know who is contacting your child inside of your home?

We at are doing our best to provide tools for parents to protect their children at the lowest cost possible.

Kids Email Features
*Allow child to only receive and send emails from those in their contact list

*Email a copy of incoming and outgoing messages to the parent

*Remove images within emails

*Remove links within emails

*Only allow specific attachment types such as: images, pictures, video, mp3s, zip, pdf, Word, Excel, Power Point, etc.

*Allow a parent to approve or deny any email sent to your children via the mail queue

*Filter out offensive words found in incoming emails

*Spam filtering

*Kids can modify the look and feel of their account by choosing from several fun templates

*A simple mode for young children as well as an advance mode for slightly older kids

My son's inbox page

My Review

I got to review a 60 day free trial of Kids Email for my 7 year old. He is extremely tech savy for such a little guy lol. He has a PS2, PSP and his own laptop for his learning sites. He can use Netflix and Hulu on my husbands PS3 by himself also. He loves to get mail and packages so I knew he would LOVE this. We have family and friends from one side of the US to the other. Oh..He LOVES my cell phone too LOL. He talks to anyone who will spend a few minutes listening to him. With Kids Email he can send emails to our family and friends and I don't have to worry about any spam or inappropriate emails getting through. He got to customize his page with a car theme. I get a notification and a copy of all the emails that go in or out in my personal email account. He's very excited to check his email a couple times a day now =] I really like this service and will probably keep it after the trial. Kids Email also has a format that's a little more "grown up" looking for older kids also. 5/5 for this!

Win a years subscription and a $75 Amazon Gift Card!



  1. This is really cool! Glad they are coming up with ways for technology to be safer for kids!

    Thanks for linking up with Link'n Blogs! Hope to see you back today!

  2. I really like that the program can automatically email copies of incoming and outgoing messages to the parent's email so that you can monitor for safety.
    RC: June Manning

  3. This is great. I am so glad I signed my son up for it. He really enjoys it and I feel good about him using it.

  4. THis is pretty cool. My son has a Laptop but we have given him a email yet because we are scared to give him too much freedom, age 10! I will show this to my husband, thanks!

  5. My favorite feature is the parent approval.