Cards Of Sin Review

When Reporter Cheyenne Gentry gets an Instant Message she tries to ignore it, but the sender wants her to know he murdered someone tonight. Cheyenne thinks it’s a hoax but finds out it’s not. Then the killer tells her he wants her to write his story. Cheyenne wants nothing to do with the story or the killer but the killer won’t let her refuse his request. Will he let her live long enough to find him or will she become another chapter to his story? 



My review
The premise of this book was so intriguing I couldn’t wait to read it and see what it was about. This story was a thrill ride to say the least. When I was reading it I didnt know what to expect next. The killer’s calling card is a nasty little piece of evil. This is one of those stories where your never really sure whos on which side until the end. There’s a lot of heart pounding moments that lead up to a very surprising conclusion that will leave the reader shocked to their core.

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