Roaring Springs Paper Review

Driven by the latest sustainable innovations, we produce an unparalleled line of high-quality recycled and post-agricultural fiber paper products that are eco-friendly and affordable. 
I received 

1 Subject Wirebound Notebook
3 Subject Wirebound Notebook
5 Subject Wirebound Notebook
2 Large Landscape Pads
3 Colored Small Landscape Pads

My Review
I never have enough paper, or the right kind of paper when I need it lately. My 7 year old is starting 2nd grade this year and is having some trouble with handwriting. Getting all this paper has been great. He now has plenty of practice paper to work on. The Roaring Springs paper is all recycled which I love. It’s not super thin and doesn’t tear easy like some paper does, which is good because Nate tends to press hard when he writes. I love the lanscape pads for myself. I’m a list maker, I make lists for EVERYTHING and these are perfect for that. Overall this is some really great product and it gets 5/5 from me!

I received the above products through Sublime Media Connection in exchange for an honest review. In no way was I asked to give a positive review.
  1. I love paper. I have notebooks and loose leaf, and binders, and journals… I write down everything. I can't always type it, so the notebooks are great. I will totally have to look into sugar cane paper!Thanks for the review!

  2. Sustainable, eco friendly and durable? I am all in for supporting this company through buying their products! Thanks for letting me know about them. I always have to have a TON of notebooks around so I will be checking them out!

  3. I have been looking for a great recycled paper! Most recycled papers have a funky texture and are discolored and there is something odd about them. I know I SHOULD be eco friendly – and now I can be. 🙂

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