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Mía is a Dallas based health and beauty social selling company that offers entrepreneurial business opportunities for women. Ournatural health and beauty products are available exclusively through our Independent Advisers and online. Mía offers an innovative approach to social selling using the power of eCommerce, social networking and personal service behind extraordinary natural health and beauty products.

I received 2 products to test…
* Refreshing Foaming Gel Cleanser $19.00
* Perfecting Finish Hydrating Stick Gloss in Caricia $15.00


Not a great picture I know but it gives you an idea of the shade…

My Review
I’ve just recently really gotten into a skin care regime and I’m still figuring out what I like and what works. The cleanser is easy to use and has a nice low key scent that’s not overwhelming like some can be. It left my skin feeling fresh and soft. The gloss stick is a fairly neutral tone that I think just about anyone could wear. It goes on smooth and doesn’t feel heavy and gooey like some lipsticks can. These products are definitely worth the price in my book.

Giveaway coming August 27th to win a $400 shopping spree from Mia Mariu!! Make sure you come back and enter!

  1. Great review! I wonder how it does on sensitive skin. I love the color of the lip gloss. I am always looking for a neutral color because I have plenty of pinks.

  2. These sound like great products. I like skincare products that have a subtle scent, especially if I'm using it everyday throughout the year. It always feels a little weird to me to use products that smell floral or fruity in the dead of winter and have really nothing to do with the season. I definitely need to come back for the giveaway!

  3. The color looks great! I have a hard time with lip color because I have an unusual combination. Red hair, hazel-brown eyes, and warm pale-skin. Anything with a hint of orange or brown turns that color! Anything cool just looks bad against my skin. I'll definitely by entering this giveaway.

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