The Accidental Siren Review



A paranormal romance set on the beaches of Lake Michigan in 1994. The contemporary fairytale depicts the joys and consequences of young love as Mara (a modern-day siren) and James (a normal 12-year-old boy) meet, fend of bullies, and explore the potential of infinite beauty. 



My Review

I was astonished by this book! (Cool word huh? lol) I was asked to review this book by the author and in exchange I received an Ebook copy and a paperback copy. This book will stay at the top of my pile of books I love for a very long time. The Accidental Siren is a great coming of age story that has so many great characters and plot twists that your breath will be stolen. James’s life is turned upside down in the summer of ’94 by Mara, a sweet but troubled girl who is so much as he discovers. I was a tomboy when I was the main characters age and I could relate so much to the summer of fun in this book. My favorite character in the whole story is James’s best friend Whit, I had an uncle that was paraplegic due to spina bifida. Reading about Whit brought back so many good memories. His outlook and love of life affected everyone he came in contact with. Whit is a very cool kid and he’s how I imagine my uncle was at that age. Love, lust, obsession and teenage insecurity combine in this story that crescendos in a conclusion that….well…no spoilers sorry lol. This is a MUST READ for everyone. I can’t imagine a single person that wouldn’t find something to relate to and laugh about in The Accidental Siren.

  1. I have to say… I was a little unsure about the book from reading the review. I am not normally one for coming of age stories, but I took a peek around his website and got a better feel for the book and the author, and now I am on a mission to read it.

    I'm still not sure how it would be a paranormal romance because they are kids (and that kind of thing wigs me out a smidge), so we shall see how he plays it out. 🙂

    Thanks for giving me something else to add to my TBR pile. lmao
    Melissa @Spews of My Views

  2. I honestly would not have paid attention to this book if it wasnt for reading your blog post and review. This does sound like a good book. I also checked out the author's web page and got more of a feel for the book. I will be adding this to my TBR pile for sure and reading very soon! I have a cousin that has spina bifida so I can relate on that level.

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