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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dreams Both Real and Strange


An anthology of short stories. A collection of fantasy, horror, and dark tales.

Choices: A Short Story
- The Reaper requires an answer to a question: what choice would you make?

Rebirthed: A Short Story
- Dreams of Rebirth

The Lake: A Short Story
- A ghost story

Mourning: A Short Story
- Mourning and regrets

Wraith: A Short Story
- Anne is kidnapped by Wraith, and Lena must rescue her. But all three are wrapped in a web of selfishness, hatred, and cruelty- what will it take to redeem them all?



My Review

Fear. Choice. These are the central themes in this book of short stories. Each one pulls you in and leaves you asking "where's the rest!?". A little bit of ghost story and a touch of faerie tale combine in this anthology to make for one hell of a read. The last story, Wraith, was especially engaging and Im anxious to see what happens next with these characters. Ms McCabe takes you out of your comfort zone and plants seeds about the what if's that will keep you awake long into the night. It was very easy to give this book a 5/5!


  1. I'll def be checking this out!

  2. You had me at Reaper and Wraith! lol I'll put it on my TBR list. :)

  3. Thanks so much for the heads up Jenn. I love reviewing short stories and collections. Will definitely be grabbing this!