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Monday, June 25, 2012

Tracfone promo codes Guest Post

Get the cheapest rates in town through Tracfone promo codes, deals, phones and more

With over 19 million subscribers, Tracfone has consistently been known to offer the cheapest deals around. First of all, Tracfone is a prepaid network which makes it more affordable than its postpaid competition. Here are the reasons why it is a lot more convenient and hassle-free to own a prepaid phone.

Benefits of a Tracfone as a Prepaid Network
1. With a prepaid network, you do not get surprised by large monthly phone bills. Everything is planned and you are in control of how much you are actually spending.

2. Unlike its postpaid counterpart, prepaid network phones are not locked into a 2-year contract that forces you to pay seventy up to more than a hundred dollars per month. Although prepaid phones may cost you more in the beginning you will more than make up for this compared to a free phone in a two year contract.

3. With prepaid plans, what you see is what you get. You will pay for a certain amount of minutes and you will get the airtime you have paid for. You can only get more, unlike with postpaid plans that are full of hidden charges and complicated payment computations.

Benefits of Tracfone as an Individual Network
Second, even among prepaid networks Tracfone offers the lowest rates around. Here are some of the plans and pay-as-you go rates that Tracfone offers and you will see that it offers the best minutes per dollar rates.

1. $10 - 30 mins 3 mins per dollar (consumable for up to 30 days, minutes can be rolled over)
2. $20 - 60 mins 3 mins per dollar (consumable for up to 90 days, minutes can be rolled over)
3. $30 - 120 mins 4 mins per dollar (consumable for up to 90 days, minutes can be rolled over)
4. $40 - 200 mins 5 mins per dollar (consumable for up to 90 days, minutes can be rolled over)
5. $80 - 450 mins 5.625 mins per dollar (consumable for up to 90 days, minutes can be rolled over)
6. $100 - 400 mins 4 mins per dollar (consumable for up to 1 year, minutes can be rolled over)
7. $160 - 1000 mins 6.25 mins per dollar (consumable for up to 1 year, minutes can be rolled over)
8. $200 - 1200 mins 6 mins per dollar (consumable for up to 1 year, minutes can be rolled over)

If you already think that this is already very affordable then you are in for a pleasant surprise. Tracfone also offers the double minutes promo that allows you to double the talk time that you get by just adding $20 to the overall cost. This promo is available for items 6 to 8. With this promo, minutes per dollar value becomes,

1. $100 + $20 - 800 mins. 6.67 mins per dollar (consumable for up to 1 year, minutes can be rolled over)
2. $160 + $20 - 2000 mins. 11.11 mins per dollar (consumable for up to 1 year, minutes can be rolled over)
3. $200 + $20 - 2400 mins. 10.91 mins per dollar (consumable for up to 1 year, minutes can be rolled over)

Tracfone Promotional Discounts
Tracfone's affordability never seems to end. Aside from it already very affordable rates, Tracfone also have great deals and promo codes given away on some selected websites. To give you an example just how affordable Tracfone can be and what you can expect with Tracfone promotions, here is the list of the latest Tracfone promotions and deals.

1. LG 221C for only $14.99 + Free Shipping
2. Free Shipping with any Wireless Phone
3. LG 430G for Only $14.99 + Free Double Minutes for Life
4. Samsung T105G for Only $9.99 + Double Minute for Life Card
5. LG800G w/ Triple Minutes for Life for only $39.99 + Free Shipping
6. Free LG401G/60 Minute Card Bundle for only $19.99
7. Buy the LG500G QWERTY for only $19.99
8. Samsung T245G w/ Double Minutes for Life + Free Shipping

Though promotional codes do not last forever, the list is regularly being refreshed and new promotions are initiated from time to time. Thus, regularly checking promotion and discount sites can be very healthy if you are looking for great deals and discounts.

To redeem a promo code or deal, simply open your PC's web browser and go to your preferred promo code website. After that, click on your desired carrier (Tracfone) and select your preferred promo code and deal. Simply click the accept button (or whatever is written on the link) and you are good to go. Deals are usually automatically applied onto the destination page. If you are asked to enter a code, simply right click on the appropriate entry box and select paste. The correct code should already have been applied on your clipboard by clicking on the accept button.

Is Tracfone for You?
Despite the affordability and its 19 million subscribers, Tracfone is not for everyone; proving that you cannot please everybody. However, Tracfone is mostly for everyone. It is easier to determine if Tracfone is not for you rather than determining if it's for you. Here are the indications if Tracfone is not for you:

1. You are looking for high end gaming.
2. You are looking for an internet browser that is close to that of computers'.
3. You need a lot of phone memory.
4. You want sophisticated and high end phones like the iPhone 4s.

Sadly Tracfone do not offer high end phones and thus, high end functionality. At best, Tracfone offers low end phones like Samsung R455C and LG 800G. These phones can only run basic and low end applications and the best they can offer is their MP3 players.

If you are looking for a solid and affordable phones and rates dedicated for calling and texting, however, I suggest getting that double minutes compatible phone and start using those


  1. Promo code really makes online shopping more attractive as it leads best deals. The information that you have shared above regarding benefits of Tracfone promo codes is really very useful for everyone.

  2. I bought my tracfone, 3x minutes for life, and 1200 minutes for only $99 (free shipping because I am a Prime member) TOTAL on Amazon! This was the perfect option for me because rarely o I use a cell phone so this was far cheaper than signing a contract and pay a monthly fee for minutes that I would not fully use.

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  4. The new 2014 Tracfone Promo Codes are out. So far the best one is 90628 for a 50 minute bonus on a 200 minute card. I have the full list on my site.