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The We Do Listen Foundation has kindly let us do another review for one
of their wonderful books. Howard B.
Wigglebottom Learns About Sportsmanship: 
Winning Isn’t Everything 
by Howard Binkow and Susan F. Cornelison.

 This beautifully illustrated book teaches children about playing
fair and how it’s not always necessary to be number one. Some people
have the need to always be the one that wins, and to be better than
everyone else, which really isn’t all that bad. But such a desire to be
the best can lead to other behavior problems like aggressiveness
towards peers and anger problems. This book addresses how being
competitive and winning isn’t as important as just having fun at the
game. This would be a great book for any parent that has children that
play sports or has multiple children. Anyone that has ever had a brother
or sister knows how competitively siblings grow-up together,
and the fights that can break out on account. Sportsmanship is one of
the greater traits that anyone can learn at a young age.Howard B.
Wigglebottom also shows how other people will behave towards them if
they are unsporting or cheat at a game just to be better than
Because We Do Listen Foundation Cares they offer an abundance of free
that work together with the books.

life children have to learn to deal with many tough situations and We Do
Listen Foundation has put together a wonderful collection of books
designed to not only teach children how to cope with them but adults
also. Howard B.
Wigglebottom hardcover books retail for $15. They can be purchased most
everywhere books are sold in the U.S. and Canada.
They are
on sale @
for $6 each or $50 for a set of all ten books (US only). 


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Disclaimer: I did receive a sample of this book so I could
review it. Even so, I would never say I liked something if I did not.
All opinions are my own.

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