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“My girl, “
Happy 17th birthday. I wish I could be there with you, but I think if you ar reading this…I am not. For that, I am sorry. The day your dad and I found out we were going to have a baby was the happiest day of my long life. I know the only day that will exceed that joy will be the day you are born – no matter how that day ends.
A big decision lies ahead. The burden of the covenant is a heavy one to bear. Choose with your heart, for I already know that you, my girl, must let your heart guide the way.
“I love you. Please forgive me.”
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My Rating-

My Review- I’m not a big fan of angel stories. I’ve read a few that didnt measure up to my expectations. This started out looking like it was going to be one of those but ended up redeeming itself. The angel mythology woven into this story was really amazing and leaves the reader wanting to know more. I found myself drawn into Violet’s head and heart feeling what she felt and sitting on the edge of my seat wating to see what would happen next. Once the action starts its a roller coaster ride that doesn’t stop. The love triangle is kind of unbelievable at some points but doesn’t take too much away from the story.

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  1. Sweet review!! I really like your impressions. I am curious what angel books you like? I recently posted about the RUSH of angel books coming out 'cause it feels like "they're all the same". I'm planning on reading quite a few of 'em, I guess, but do you have a favorite so far?

  2. Ive only read this one and Dawn Of Angels so far, i'm new in this genre too lol. But of the 2 i think i liked Dawn Of Angels a little better 🙂 I'll have a review of that one up on March 15th so stop back and check it out 🙂

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