Curb Chek

Curb Chek
Zach Fortier


Curb Chek is the story of a damaged cop, Zach Fortier. Fortier worked in the police department for the city where he grew up. One foot in the world of the cops, courts and legal system. The other in the world of gangs, drugs, thugs and street violence. Where the laws and rules are made by the strongest, the schemers and most brutal. Read about the transformation of Fortier from a green rookie to a damaged paranoid veteran seeing danger in every situation. Follow along as he walks this tight rope. Trying to make difference, breaking the laws he promised to enforce. This is a story of law and order uncensored.

My Rating- 

My Review-

There is just one word for this book. Amazing. I’m not usually big on police story books but this one really blew me away. The author gets right to the nitty gritty and doesn’t get bogged down in procedural stuff that most of us wouldn’t understand. The stories in this book range from heart breaking to scary to funny. Mr. Fortier tells it like is and draws you into the inside world of being a police officer on the street dealing with everything from mundane traffic stops to swat stand offs. I’m very excited to read his next book also. I’m sure it will be just as great if not better.

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