Monday, July 6, 2015

Selecting the Perfect Baby Shower Gift

Selecting the perfect baby shower gift for a friend or family member can either be really fun or incredibly overwhelming. If your gifts are always well received, shopping for a precious new baby can be one of the most exciting events. If you have a hard time selecting the perfect present or weigh your shopping decisions heavily, a baby shower can present all sorts of challenges. 

Whether there is a registry or the mom-to-be takes a more casual approach, it can be difficult to decide on the perfect shower gift. Some people prefer to purchase pampering gifts solely for the new mom, for use during or after pregnancy. Others like to buy whimsical or humorous items for both mom and baby. Family members may chip in to buy the larger and more expensive necessities like cribs, strollers and car seats. You can never go wrong with purchasing a theme-related gift for a mom with distinct hobbies or interests. 

A deluxe jogging stroller may bring tears of joy to the athletic mom who loves her morning runs. A baby-themed scrapbook pack is perfect for the crafting mom who loves photography and displaying her family memories through her creations. The eco-conscious new mom may rave over a gift basket filled with organic laundry detergent and bamboo cloth diapers.

If she loves anything sports related or is a die-hard team fan, themed baby clothes and apparel is always well received. Picking out sports memorabilia for a tiny hopeful fan is fun whether you shop locally, at a sports store, or online. If the mom-to-be loves a particular college or professional team that is not local, it can be near-impossible to find a cute layette set or jersey locally. When you shop online, from a professional fan site featuring apparel styles from multiple sports, it makes the process fun, fast and easy.

One example of a company offering everything from Chicago Bears baby clothes to an Orioles bib and booties pack, or a tiny Bruins jersey, is Baby Fans. Their extensive collection of officially-licensed apparel and accessories offers just about everything any die-hard basketball, hockey, baseball or football mom would want to dress up her new bundle of joy. Whether you choose a layette set representing her favorite home team, or you take a humorous approach by selecting baby apparel depicting a rival team logo, she will treasure your thoughtful and memorable baby gift.

Renovation Experts

Natural Stone Tiles For Your Kitchen Floor

If you're thinking about renovating your kitchen, you'll want a flooring material that's functional as well as beautiful. Natural stone tiles or pavers will provide a stylish, updated look and a durable, easy to maintain floor. With a wide variety of stones and colors to choose from, it will be easy to find the perfect flooring for your kitchen. 

Natural Stone

Although more expensive than some other flooring materials, it's hard to beat the beauty of natural stone. It looks great in every interior design style whether formal, casual or rustic. Stone tiles and pavers come in rectangular and square shapes, a variety of sizes and colors, and tumbled or polished finishes. 


Made from igneous rock that's found far below the earth's surface, granite is the hardest and least porous of all the natural stones. Because it's so dense, it provides a strong, durable surface that will not absorb most spills and stains. It stands up to extreme heat and cold and won't crack or chip easily if you accidentally drop a skillet on the floor while cooking.


Marble is made from a metamorphic rock that's typically mined in quarries around the world. The beauty of marble is the colorful veins that form in the stone while underground. It's the second hardest natural stone, but doesn't equal the dense structure and durability of granite. Although the veins provide marble's natural beauty, they also create weak spots that are more vulnerable to cracks and chips. 


Slate, a natural stone quarried from the ground, is strong, durable and easy to maintain. Because of its unique, random color patterns, it creates a beautiful flooring material with organic appeal from earth tone colors and uneven textures. If you select a strong color, keep your cabinets and coutertop surfaces rather neutral so the kitchen doesn't get too busy. 


Limestone is an elegant stone that contains traces of fossils from marine life and shellfish that have embedded in the stone while underwater. Although neutral tones and light colors like white, ivory and tan give limestone a sophisticated, warm appearance, it isn't as strong or durable as granite, marble or slate. The embedded fossils create pits that make limestone porous, so it should always be sealed. 

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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Cheeky Bambino Teethers Review

Cheeky Bambino Teethers for Baby Pain Relief

Sooth Your Baby's Gums and Teeth Now!

- Does Your Baby Suffer from Teething Pain? 
- Are You Worried that Your Baby is About to Start Teething? 
- Do You Want Your Baby to be Soothed and Saved from Teething Pain?

Four Specially Designed Teething Toys with FREE Baby Home Remedies Ebook Included!

- Special Ridged Design Provides Stimulation for Baby's Motor Skills and Provides Soothing Relief from Aching Gums and Teeth! 
- Ring-Shaped Bracelet Design Allows You to Wear the Ring on Your Wrist so You Wont Lose it. 
- 4 Different Colors - Great for Boys, Girls, or as a Gift.

I received a set of Cheeky Bambino Teethers at no cost in exchange for an honest review.


These teething rings are a must have for teething babies. They are brightly colored, so they attract babies attention, and they are soft silicone, which means they are easier for baby to chew on and enjoy. There are no tears due to hard edges on soft gums. They are sized large so they don't fit all the way in babies mouth, so there is no hazard from choking, or stretching babies soft and tender lips. The rings have different textures and designs all around so they are a discovery in tactile feedback for baby also. The rings are large enough to go on moms wrist so you can keep them handy for baby whenever you need them. I can not say enough good things about these teething rings. These are a must have!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Good Earth Beauty Review and Giveaway

We are a unique beauty shop carrying only natural and organic beauty products that are NOT tested on animals. All products are chosen and personally tested by our staff. Product lines include Cosmetics, Bath & Body, Hair Care, items for Babies, Pets, and more. 

I received the Cranberry Citrus Body Wash and the Wheatberry Cream Perfume at no cost in exchange for my honest review.

Wheatberry Cream Perfume is a Good Earth Beauty Exclusive - Roll on perfume

Cranberry Citrus Body Wash Our scrumptious and foamy natural body wash moisturises and softens, while nourishing even the most sensitive of skin types. Infused with organic milk and nourishing honey, it cleanses and refreshes while being gentle enough to use every day. 

Scent Description: A vibrant and distinctive cranberry. Sizzling citrus notes blend with ginger and tart cranberry for a true festive aroma. .

My Review

I have come to love the products I get from Good Earth Beauty. Their products are natural and organic, and with my sensitive skin those are two main things I really look for. I got the Body Wash and the Perfume this time. The body wash has a great scent, the combination of Cranberry and Citrus mesh perfectly together. The body wash suds nicely, I only need to use a little bit, and leaves my skin feeling clean, refreshed and soft.

I like roll on perfumes over spray on perfumes. I can apply just a little bit, where I want it and not worry about it getting all over everything. or being too strong. This Wheatberry Cream perfume has a unique, soft scent that really lasts.

I am really happy with both these products from Good Earth Beauty. You can win these items for yourself! 

Win these two products for yourself!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Bomber & Company Duffel Set Review

The classic barrel bag redesigned for the Modern Individual. Introducing Bomber Barrel - the best damn duffel bag ever made.


I received a Bomber Barrel Complete Duffel Set at no cost in exchange for an honest review. The set includes the Bomber Bag, inside the Mini Bomber, and the Survival Bracelet.

Our Review

My husband and boys are very into the outdoors and love to fish, hike and spend days at the many lakes and springs where we live. My two little ones like to bring some extras with them so they never get bored. Mommy likes to know they have everything they need to have fun and be comfortable. Daddy doesn't want to have to carry a bunch of stuff in plastic bags and flimsy back packs. There is one solution for all of this. The Bomber & Company Bomber Bag! It's compact enough not to be a pain to carry, but roomy enough to fit all the essentials that my outdoor loving family needs.

The bag is tough enough to hold quite a bit of stuff and still be easy to fold up and store inside of the Mini Bomber when not in use. My husband loves this bag and all that he can do with it!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Yizzam T-Shirt Review We are the webs largest source for custom cut and sewn Tops, Tees, Tanks, Leggings and much much more. Whether you're buying a gift or getting something for yourself, we've got you covered in allover print sublimated apparel. All items are Made in USA with Enviro-Safe water based dyes. At Yizzam we hand cut, print and sew each item as it's ordered and most products ship within 24 hours.

I received a T-Shirt from Yizzam at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

I received the Vincent Van Gogh Irises design

My Review

I love to wear unique clothes. I am a comfort minded fashionista. I like clothing that is beautiful, unique, and still comfortable to wear all day. This t shirt I received from Yizzam is the perfect combination. The fabric is super soft, flowy and lightweight, which is great for the hot and humid days in FL. The colors are bright and vibrant, and do not fade or run at all in the wash. The fabric does not stretch out and keeps it shape. The design is one I love. I'm not any kind of art expert or anything like that, but I do like some of Van Goghs paintings and this is one that has always caught my eye. This is also a well known painting, and I have gotten many, many comments of recognition of the design, and compliments on the look of the t shirt.

Yizzam offers a very wide variety of designs and products, so everyone is sure to find something they will love!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

4th of July Keychains

Founded by teenage entrepreneurial sisters, Kendall and Stoney Clover Lane is a bright and cheerful accessory brand. The fashion-forward duo started the company by making fabric-based charm bracelets made to be stacked upon each other for a trendy wrist full of varied colors and sparkle. The NYC-based company has now expanded to offer necklaces, key chains, pins, and more. Beyond offering fun and affordable offerings, the fuel for their business has always been the desire to give back. With this in mind, since its inception Stoney Clover has donated a portion of all sales to the Dream Foundation, helping grant wishes to people over 18 battling terminal illness.

Stoney Clover Lane has some cute 4th of July key chains, pins and char bracelets available!

Check out the offerings 

Schneider Pens Review

Everything you need for your business can be found on From hand sanitizers and hand soaps to office chairs and office desks, you'll find it here!

Our specialty stores include, discount Office Supplies, Computer Hardware and Peripherals, Office Furniture, Ink and Toner Supplies, Cleaning and Maintenance Equipment, and Paper. Shoplet offers one of the largest selections of Green office products available online, with over 20,000 environmentally-friendly products and innovative features such as our Green Your Office tool which allows side-by-side comparisons between products in your shopping cart and environmentally-friendly alternatives.

Finding discount office supplies you need is easy with our easy finders and shopping tools. You can shop for file folders, binders, shredders, file cabinets, copy paper, laminating supplies, binding supplies, envelopes, labels, and more! We carry the best products from your favorite brands including Avery, Pentel, Fellowes, Esselte, Energizer, and more.

I received these Samsill products at no cost in exchange for my honest review.

My Review

These pens are awesome. I am a pen addict, and a well known pen thief at my job. No one lets me borrow anything except a basic pen because they know I will likely walk off with it. I like pens that are different shapes, different inks, and different colors. I write a lot both at home and at work so I need pens that will write smoothly, not smudge, and work the first time. 

I got a selection of pens from Schneider to review. I have been looking for excuses to write things down just so I can use these pens. A few have fine points, some a little thicker, but they all work amazingly well, and have not let me down yet. The grips are comfortable in my hands. I already have some arthritis developing in my hands and it's tiring and painful to use some pens. These Schneider pens have been great to use though.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

After We Fall Book Review

Blood stains the carpet of an empty house. A front door slams behind a mother with a suitcase full of secrets. Someone screams. A plane falls out of the sky.

Cecilia made the hardest decision of her life moments before she stepped onto the plane that would bring her world crashing down. Her marriage was failing before even getting off the ground, and her desperate need to start over has driven her to abandon her family. Now, as her plane plummets toward the ground, she wishes she had given her son one last kiss good-bye. As tragedy meets mystery, Cecilia and three others, each struggling with their own secrets, become connected on one fateful night when lives are lost in the sky and on the ground.

I received a copy of this book at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

My Review

This was a gripping and intruiging story from start to finish. The plot and character are really well developed, and I found myself lost in this book reading for hours to find out what would happen. The story is told from the perspective of the four main characters. As you read you will find yourself feeling their feelings and emotions strongly. There are may questions that come up as you read, and the answers are revealed in a tense, suspenseful, but satisfying way in the end. This is a sad story also, it's not all thrills and mystery, and this makes it one of the more interesting and compelling stories I have read.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Freshen Up Your Home for Summer

Freshen Up Your Home for Summer

As the summer days roll in, you're ready to dress light, be more carefree, and kick off your shoes. When you embrace the warm weather and sunshine, you want to rejuvenate your home too. With a few, simple tips, you can give your living space a face lift. It won't even cost you a fortune. See what small changes can do to have a major impact on creating a positive atmosphere in your home. It's time to make it happen!

Clear Out the Clutter

The first step is to open up your living space. You want to feel like you can breathe and move freely. Go through a room at a time and pitch anything that you don't need or want. Consider removing pieces of furniture to give yourself more room. Hold a yard sale to get rid of the extras or make donations to the needy. Rearrange your furniture and feel refreshed. Make it feel like you have just moved in.

Go on a Painting Spree

You won't believe the transformation that a little paint can make when it comes to your interior d├ęcor. Whether you opt for bold colors that will make a splash or neutral colors that create a seamless blend, new paint will brighten your home. Stop in the clearance aisle at the home improvement store. There are often bargains and excellent discounts for custom paints that customers didn't want. You might find a color that is right up your alley.

Create an Outdoor Haven

When the weather is fine, you want to be outside, breathing in the fresh air and soaking up some sunshine. Devote some attention to your deck, porch, or patio to enjoy the great outdoors. Wicker furniture from Wicker Paradise can help you to have a backyard paradise right outside your door. Get ready to sit back, relax, and enjoy. Break out the cold drinks and the barbecue. You might not ever want to go back inside.

Take Baby Steps

You do not need to do it all at once. Prioritize and choose where you want to begin. Take it day by day and as you have room in your budget to bring in new accents, put up wall hangings, or give a room a complete overhaul. In the end, your efforts will be worth it as you enjoy your home even more.