Thursday, November 26, 2015

Flex Watches Black Friday Sale!

We work with artists, athletes, & celebrities to create customizable sports watches that give back to great causes. Flex Watches was started in 2011 by two friends Trevor Jones and Travis Lubinsky with one goal in mind, people helping people. They began the company with several different charities that they correlated different watches colors to match each organization. In 2013 Flex Watches partnered with the rapper Tyga and started the Last Kings watch collection, which today is featured in stores nationwide.

Flex Watches is having a Black Friday Sale!! 

60% off select watches and some starting as low as $10!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Number 4 High Performance Hair Care Review


Number 4 is a creative, high performance hair care line that runs parallel to fashion, science, art, music and all creative cycles.

I received the Hydrate Jet Set which included: Hydrating Shampoo, Hydrating Condition, Fleur de Temps Body Lotion and Super Comb Prep & Protect, all products are 1.45 oz. plus the L'eau de Mare Brush. I received these products at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

The Number 4 High Performance Hair Care Jet Set Kits deliver a spa-like experience with products that nourish, protect and stimulate the senses with fine fragrances and because they are mobile minis, they can be tucked safely in your carryall promising high performance anti-aging, strengthening, color preserving and purifying results under any state of hair affairs, windswept or otherwise.

All of the Number 4 High Performance Hair Care collection combine nature’s greatest ingredients and the highest quality essential oils and extracts to repair damage, keep hair youthful and supple, and color new. Gently cleansing with no harsh sulfates and styling without stripping alcohols. Number 4 High Performance Hair Care excludes all ingredients potentially toxic to humans and the environment - all Number 4 High Performance Hair Care products are 100% Vegan, Gluten Free, Sulfate/Sodium Chloride Free, Paraben Free formulas are never ever tested on any animal.

My Review

I have insanely thick and somewhat curly hair. It tangles easily and unless I'm using expensive salon formula hair care, it tends to get extremely dry and brittle.  When I received the Hydrating Jet Set, I decided to give it a try.  Not only does it give me a salon clean, but my hair is soft and manageable. The conditioner makes it easy to get the brush through my very thick and hard to manage tangles after washing.  It's also made sulfate free which is always a plus in my book. I have very sensitive skin and it's especially an issue with my scalp. These products do not cause any extra drying out of my skin, and I have had no adverse reaction like I have had with some products. The brush itself is great for detangling and styling my hair. It stands up well to the thickness of my hair and my after shower tangles. The lotion is wonderfully fragrant and dries quickly without leaving that greasy feeling that you get from most body lotions.  This stuff is amazing and definitely something I will be purchasing regularly.

Number 4 High Performance Hair Care is offering a special gift set only available on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The gift set includes a full size Hydrating Shampoo 8.5 oz with a mini Reconstructing Masque, a mini Might Hair Spray and a detangling comb packaged in a cute Bonjour paper bag for $25. This would normally sell for $71 - this is a 65% savings!! 

Additionally, everything on the website is 20% on those 2 days as well with the special code, 


EZ PZ Baking Kits Review & Giveaway

Cake Mix Kits for little bakers who have outgrown the light bulb oven!

We received the Wacky Watermelon Bindt Cake Kit, Bundt Cake Pan, Set of Mixing Bowls and Baking Tools/Set of 3Child's Oven Mitts.


We had so much fun with this EZ PZ Baking Kit! The utensils are the perfect size for small hands and the kit came with everything we needed. The mixing bowls, oven mitts, and the spoon, spatula, brush and little measuring spoons are really good quality and can be used over and over for other baking projects as well. All we had to add to the mix was water, no other ingredients needed. This Watermelon bundt cake cooked up exactly as the picture showed and the directions said it would. My boys and the little girl next door were excited to help with this, and took turns helping me mix, stir and ice the cake. They barely let it cool before they were begging to try it. This little cake tastes pretty good and we all enjoyed our little piece! We will definitely be checking out the other mixes EZ PZ has to offer!

Win this same set!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Most Absurd Lawsuits

Everywhere you look in the news these days someone is suing someone for something. Sometimes the lawsuit make sense, and you shake your head yes and agree, and other times all you can do is shake your head side to side and chuckle.

I am a big fan of Bill Engvall and I love his "Here's Your Sign" routine. It is so funny because you most likely know at least one person in your life who has done, or would do some of the things in the comedy routine. The best part is that they would then blame the company or product.

There are hundreds if not thousands of frivolous lawsuits filed every year. There are reform efforts being made, but that doesn't stop the lawsuits from piling up for the judges and lawyers. The lawyers make money, and in some cases the judges time gets wasted 

There is, of course. the lady who sued McDonald's when she spilled her hot coffee in her lap. There are also the slip and falls that aren't quite legitimate. 

Some other well known frivolous lawsuits:

Two men sued a chemical adhesive company because it caught fire inside the house. There were numerous warning labels on the product stating that it was not to be used indoors. Surprisingly though. the men won to the tune of eight million dollars!

The owner of a bar set up traps to deter burglars. Unfortunately one of those traps killed a burglar when he attempted to enter the bar through the window one night. The family of the burglar was awarded $150,000 for their family members death.

A woman went to Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights, and then sued for emotional distress, mental anguish and extreme fear. She was awarded $15,000 for her suffering.

You can read more details about these and many other frivolous lawsuits on this website!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

CT Organics Review & Giveaway

At CT Organics, our products are crafted for you with the highest quality of natural organic ingredients to promote healthy, comfortable, beautiful skin.

Face masks, serums and creams. Hand & body soaps and lotions. Psoriasis and eczema treatments.

I received 2 products from CT Organics at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

I received the Moisturizing Day Face Cream and Organic Lip Balm.


I have several issues with my skin. I am always on the lookout for products that will help make my skin look better, and soothe the dryness and sometimes itchiness I experience. I have psoriasis and rosacea that makes life pretty miserable at times for me. I used this day face cream a few times, and I really like the way my skin looks and feels after use. I have had no adverse reaction, and my skin looks clearer and feels better than it has in a long time. This cream feels light and is not greasy. I really like this product and will continue to use it. 

The lip balm is a great product also. I live in Florida so dry skin and sunburn happen quite often when I'm not careful about applying sun screen and lip balm. This balm applies smoothly, isn't heavy or gunky like some other balms, and lasts quite awhile before having to re apply. There is no waxy taste, and it smells great too. 

I am very happy with these two items I received from CT Organics. I will be buying their items again for sure! Check out their site below and enter to win Face Wash for yourself! 

Win Face Wash for yourself!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Peppa Pig Cold Winter Day Review & Giveaway

In Peppa Pig: Cold Winter Day, everyone's favorite friend, Peppa Pig, is
ready to show preschoolers how much fun awaits this winter season. Young
viewers join Peppa and her family and friends as they build a snowman, throw
snowballs, race their sleds and much more!

The new release features 10 "peppasodes" that are filled with all the
kindness, laughter, and gentle life lessons that make Peppa Pig one of the
world's most beloved preschool properties.

Episodes include:

* "Cold Winter Day"
* "Not Very Well"
* "Snow"
* "Thunderstorm"
* "The Sleepy Princess"
* "Bedtime"
* "Swimming"
* "Daddy Pig's Office"
* "Ice Skating"
* "The Toy Cupboard"

We received a copy of this DVD at no cost in exchange for an honest review.


My husband babysits for our neighbors, he watches their 4 year old little girl during the day. I have 2 boys so there is not a lot of girly things in our house, and she gets a little tired of cars and video games. We received this Peppa Pig DVD to review and knew it would be perfect to entertain her when she's tired of playing with the boys. The DVD has 10 episodes on it, so it keeps her entertained for more than a few minutes. Now the first thing she asks for when she comes over is Peppa Pig. The episodes are cute, funny and have a lesson in them also. We live in Florida so the kids are entertained by the wintery adventures that Peppa and her friends have. This is a fun DVD for preschoolers and even older kids.

Win a copy of this DVD!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Lava Lamp Review

Lava. Its ever changing patterns are hypnotizing, yet invigorating. It is an art form. Classic and at the same time progressive. Pre-historic and post-modern. The iconic brand is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

I received a Lava Lamp at no cost in exchange for an honest review.


I am an 80's baby and my husband was a 70's baby. We both grew up with lava lamps in our bedrooms. I love that they are still as popular today as they were when they first came out. The designs and colors have only gotten better since they first were popular. We received this lava lamp to review for the 50th anniversary of the lava lamp. We got the purple color, which happens to be one of my favorite colors. We have this set up in our living room. It is an eye catching decoration item that everyone who visits just loves. This lamp heats up pretty quick and puts on a great show, the lava moves in all kinds of ways. My kids and their friends are fascinated by it also. This is a high quality lamp that works great. My boys want 2 of their own for their bedroom now. I'm thinking Santa may make that happen for them. Check out Lava Lamp and all they have to offer at the links below!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Aesthetic Content Candle Review & Giveaway

We produce modern home décor, scented soy candles, unique gifts, and luxury home fragrance. Working with new and emerging designers, Aesthetic Content embeds progressive detailing, fashion influence and craftsman quality into every object, making modern home accessories that are contemporary, approachable, affordable and supported by excellent quality & service.

I received a scented soy candle at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

I received the Winter Bosco scent.

An aromatic scented soy candle enacting the sprit of a snowy balsam forest through fresh cut boughs of black spruce, silver fir & white pine. 9.5 oz soy based candle for a 50 hour approximate burn time.

Made in the U.S.A.
Proprietary creamy soy-based wax
Free of dyes, parabens, sulfates, pesticides & most major allergens
High concentration of essential & fine perfume oils fill a room with rich long lasting fragrance
Metal-free cotton wick for low soot & smoke and full, clean burn
Crystal clear polystyrene gift box is reusable and recyclable
Elegant glass vessel fits in any décor
Cork lid holds fragrance and helps extinguish flame after burning


I love finding new decor items for my home. Candles are one of my favorite things to buy. I have been buying more of the soy candles lately, and like that they burn cleaner and longer, and in most cases the scent is stronger and lasts longer. This candle I received from Aesthetic Content is beautiful. The white glass that the candle is in goes well with any style of decor in the house. The Winter Bosco scent is perfect for going into the cooler months. It sets a nice mood for cold weather and the holidays coming. The gift box that the candle comes in is reusable for any number of things, including re gifting, crafts, or organization in the house. I love how strong the scent is. We have an open floor plan in the main part of the house, and when this candle is burning I can smell it no matter where I am in the house. Aesthetic Content offers a variety of different scents in their candles, as well as other home decor items! Check them out at the link below!!

Win a candle! 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Coupons! Get your coupons!

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5 Great Gift Ideas For Fitness Freaks

With Christmas 2015 fast approaching, we’re all starting to think about those gift-giving responsibilities. While some people are quite easy to buy for, we’ve all got a few recipients that are difficult to source a perfect present for. The fitness freaks in our lives fall into that category.

When a loved one is into fitness, there’s a good chance that it dominates their life. In the absence of other hobbies, your only option is to embrace their one passion. Here are five great ideas to help you achieve that goal.

Home Workout Kit
Even the gym fanatics in your life can sometimes struggle to find time for the gym. After all, we all have work and other commitments to consider. But you can help them overcome the issue with home gym equipment.

While buying bulky items probably isn’t advised, the Master of Muscle shred bands are a real option. Anything that will help your loved one keep pushing forward will be appreciated.

Progress Tracker Technology
Buying workout attire is always a difficult area as we all have personal preferences. However, you could have far greater luck by travelling down the route of modern tech gadgets. The market is packed with different options. As long as you know what sports and activities your loved one enjoys, you should find a great option with ease.

Meanwhile, there are plenty of phone Apps aimed at boosting the fun and understanding of workouts. If all else fails, a voucher to spend on the marketplace will suffice. Even if they use it on music.

Recovery Aids
Many gym-goers are set in their ways. As such, buying items to improve their workouts can often be rendered redundant. But one area where you can still make a telling influence is with their recovery. Our bodies all need time to recuperate, and your fitness lover is no different.

Beyond Talk's review of good leg massage machines will allow you to find the perfect recovery tool for the fitness lover in your life. They aren’t the only person that can benefit from this option, but they will always love anything that allows their body to recover quickly.

Most people appreciate that exercise comes as a package with nutrition. Why not try to find a way of helping them improve theirs with a cookbook aimed at healthy eating.

Equipping your loved one with the recipes to create tasty meals that will actively boost their training is one of the best gifts of all. Besides, they might invite you over to try those result too. What more motivation could you need?

Monthly Magazine Subscription
If the recipient is truly into health and fitness, they will regularly immerse themselves with as much information. Therefore, a magazine subscription could be one of the best gift ideas imaginable.

Not only will it give them a chance to pick up pointers and tips, but it’s a gift that keeps giving. Each month’s issue will serve as a reminder of the relationship you share together.